We don’t have beaches today

We don’t own the white sands and beautiful corals to lie around our bare feet as well. We don’t even get to see the gulls coming back home. For today is a treat for tryst, a secret rendezvous arranged so that our longing for serenity at the shorelines wouldn’t hurt that much, because we could always share it for two. A very secret meeting that you yourself would not know you are going to attend one.

I’m not really a fan of bluish seawater and its expansive basin, though. A field of dandelions would always attract me better. But I’ve been noticing that you are. You sail to the west, calling for the breeze to blow you and bring you to the middle of out-of-nowhere wide blueness. You make hundreds of footsteps along the shores but still humbly appreciate every grain of sands you walk on. You smile back to the waves and run towards the sea to let them catch you at liberty. You love your salty skin after drowning quietly inside the embrace of the ocean. You watch the transition of crimson sky slowly fading to carnation then tangerine tint like adoring a burgundy-haired lady inside Victorian evening dress. You befriend the whole pieces of the coast and I am the witness.

But a crepuscle like this,

sunset dies sinking in your cup of afternoon tea. Real close, in the grasp of your hand. No longer falling westward somewhere far away beyond the seas where your eyes would be busy follow the slowly moving path of its dusky beam.

I be the one waiting for you to pass by and share a tender hello. I would like you for once, at least, to forget how the oceanfront has always been the one which cures you from life. Instead,

do you believe if I would, as well, heal you?

O those halcyon days of mine.

We are all longing for solace, avidly looking for consolation, that we sometimes end up being with our own minds where we could hide and decide not to be saved from and by the others.

Do you?


I picture us seeing each other again, one day, under hundreds of magnolia trees. There is no wet nor the wandering boats, only terrain and its hazel-ish tone of Earthy colours.

“You’re a good person. A good, beautiful person, and I won’t let you walk out on me. I won’t let you say those things. Those things about how stupid you are and this and that. I won’t stand for that. You want to be with me, then you be with me. You see?”


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