September is Almost Over

Humans. Shrewd creatures who find pleasure in obfuscating whatnot. The discerning living beings born to be experts of adjudging and construing, if not misinterpreting at times. Some were made those ways, some others were overthinkers. And here we are, observing each other through hazy window behind a fast-moving train: forever uncertain about what we actually witness.

That was how the earlier times before all this began. Before things fell into places, yet after some first unforeseen clues. After I had myself forsaken the entire lists of never-happening, yet before I had myself convinced that I might have one assured opportunity of having the entire lists come true at long last. In the middle of, “Is it a pleasant wrong turn once again?” and a simple, “Hey is that it?”

Then out of the blue I saw myself taking a leap of faith. Abridging the disbelief, disregarding the hesitation, and there we were. One midday took place and from those fast-moving trains that had stopped their trails, hazy windows next to our seats began to come clear. Mon chéri, it is an arrival we made.

Now rephrase me the story of how and when we interlock in the same frequency.


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